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DTX Minnow 12CM 28G

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DTX Minnow 12CM 28G

Model:DTX Minnow 12CM 28G
Length: 60mm
Weight: 10g
Hooks: High quality and sharp enough treble hooks and customers can ask for 2X 3X strong treble hooks.
Eyes: High quality 3D laser eyes.
DTX 120 Minnow 1.25oz dives to 28ft. Full wire construction. Can be cast or trolled. Autotune system fitted to ensure perfect straight and deep trolling. Ideal to troll offshore or in freshwater from 1kn-6kn. Dives super deep at slow speeds.

NAMEFINISHBody LenghtWeight Action/m
DTX Minnow 12CM 28GCOMMON LASER120mm28g0-5