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Pioneer 100DD 8CM 10G

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Pointer 100DD 8CM 10G Deep Diving Suspending Jerkbait.
Long Bill Minnow Pioneer 101DD10CM 15G

NAMEFINISHBody LenghtWeight Action/m
Pioneer 101DD 10CM 15GCOMMON LASER100mm15g0-3.0
Pointer 100DD 8CM 10GCOMMON LASER8mm10g0-3.0

Long Bill Minnow Pioneer 101DD  The latest model of Lucky Craft’s tournament winning jerkbait series, the Flash Pointer 100 is a slow-sinking model designed to more effectively fish the critical 4 – 5 foot depth zone. Combining the benefits of the Pointer and Flash Minnow, this bait has great side-to-side action and slowly sinks allowing it to be used in various shallow water situations.