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Silent Runner Jr

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Chartreuse Shad
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Red Craw
Chartreuse Shad

Silent Runner Jr

Model: Silent Runner Jr

Available in 3 colors

Length: 3.7 inches
Weight: 1 1/8 oz
Top Water Walking Bait

Top Water Walking Bait
Anything but your normal fish bait, The SilentRunner Jr is an incredibly responsive top water walking bait equipped with a built in 360 degree rotating hook system located on the belly hook and the tail hook. Having both hooks rotating freely not only helps improve landing fish but is a must for those days on the water with double hook ups. Even with two fish on the same bait, both fish will never be able to create leverage on either hooks. The result is an astounding fish attracting action in which the whole lure swims in a walk the dog action. Unlike other top water lures the SilentRunner Jr will walk the dog and stay in the strike zone without having to move the bait forward a great distance. The SilentRunner Jr is the most effective walk the dog bait that catches all different species of fish.

NAMEFINISHBody LenghtWeight Action/m
Silent Runner JrCOMMON LASER3.7 inches1 1/8 ozTop Water